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Quality Control
A Testimony Of Quality
Quality Policy: QMS
  NANDAN Steel and Power Ltd. is committed to produce of high quality consistently and structure items such as MS Round, Angle, Channel,
    H-Beam & Joist to enhance customer satisfaction.
  This shall be archived through constant monitoring of customer feedback, Continually improving reliability levels of in-house processes and
    identifying opportunities for improvement.
  The company is determined to boost its brand image through sustained product performance and serving all other needs of customers.
Quality Objectives
  Continual improvement by training of employees for better service quality.
  Continual omprovement through reduction in complaints / external rejections to ideally minimal level measured on the basis of actual complaints
    received, negative feedback from customers, reports from distributors etc.The actual objective is to reduce it by 5% annually.
  To ensure compliance of delivery schedule by 90%
  Reduction on internal rejections & wastes to minimal level as measured from the non-conformance data generated though inspection, tests and
    production. The actual objective is to reduce it by 5% annually.
Quality Policy : EMS
NANDAN STEELS & POWER Ltd. "Manufacturing and Supply Of M.S. Angles, M.S. H-Beams, M.S. Channels, M.S. Joists, M.S.Billets & Blooms" is committed to comply with all applicable Environmental Legal requirements as specified by the Centre and State regulatory bodies and prevents elements of pollution through various means like recycling and process modifications.

We shall control & save energy from our various operations and shall periodically set and review the environmental objectives and targets for continual improvement.

This policy is made available to the public and other interested parties on demand.
Highly sophisticated Universal testing machine having capacity of 60 M.T. Hydraulic Manually operated, fitted with all attachments for testing yield stress and other requirement procured from Blue Star Make has been installed for the Tensile straight, yield straight & elongation bend. For the QC through chemical testing,  two Chemicals Testing-Lab are available for determination of Silicon& Carbon.
Spectrometer installed gives the new meaning for the Quality Testing.
The quality control measures adopted on: Input: Raw material components, Process: QC check during manufacturing process, Inspection stage & Output: Final Inspection before offering the material to purchaser and Acceptance test.


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