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Product - Galvanising
Galvanizing is the process by which Zinc is metallurgically bonded to steel, giving steel the most advances and cost effective anti corrosion coating.

It provided a tough and adherent coating which seals the underlying steel from corrosion.

It corrodes slowly than Iron (1/16th)
Degreasing: Conventionally it is in practice to dipped in caustic solution for removal of grease and paint; but as the fabrication is in-house process and items fabricated will be devoid of grease and paint material hence “de-greasing is not proposed.
Rinsing – 1: Fabricated items (FI) will be rinsed with plain water for removal of dust and mill scales.
Pickling After rinsing angles are dipped in 15% HCL solution for 20 – 30 minutes for removing the rust from the Fabricated Items. (FI)
Rinsing – 2 After pickling Fabricated Items will again washed with plain water.
Fluxing Acid cleaned Fabricated Items after washing in water are dipped in flux solution containing salt mixture of Ammonium Zinc Chlorides.
Drying Fluxed angles dried on the drying Platform.
Galvanizing Fabricated Items are dipped in molten zinc to get the desired thickness of zinc coating on it.
Water Quenching The hot dip galvanizing angles are quenched in water before inspection.



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